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rocky beach near village





water taxi on the beach

A small fishing village just 17 miles south of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, Yelapa is accessible
only by boat.

The most popular approach is
by water taxi.




village dock



The village itself sits on a hillside above the beach.

village waterfall restaurant


Just a short hike from the village is the town waterfall restaurant. Bring your suit
and go for a swim.


village lagoon


The El Tuito River feeds this peaceful lagoon, filled with water fowl. Hike up river to find other waterfalls and
swimming spots.

Internet cafe in village

Meandering streets and stone steps take you through a scattering of small stores and restaurants. For entertainment there
are live music venues, discos, and a Mexican baile on Saturday


parasails on the beach


When you're ready for some excitement, take
a parasailing lesson on the beach, then go for the ride of your life.

snorkeling in Marietta IslandsTake a day trip to
the remote Marietta Islands, keeping your eyes peeled for whales and dolphins. Spend the day snorkeling,then
relax in the shade of beach caves and enjoy the best ceviche you've ever tasted.

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